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RAINBOW OF DESIRE: Circuit of Rituals

A protagonist stages 4-5 different scenes that illustrate different masks he or she wears specific to that situation. According to Boal, these masks function to ritualize one's behavior and "cushion the collisions between people" (Boal 1995: 133). Thus, a person might stage scenes with her boss, her father, a co-worker, her children, and a neighbor. After playing all five scenes, changing the mask in each, spectactors note the most striking characteristics of each mask. The protagonist plays all the scenes again exaggerating the noted characteristics. Finally, the group selects one mask that they would like to see played in all the scenes. Thus, the protagonist might play the mask she wears with her children in the scenes with boss, father, co-worker and neighbor as well. (For full description of technique see Boal 1995: 133-135)

there would be a bird to complain as it rose into the unknown