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RAINBOW OF DESIRE: Kaleidoscopic Image

According to Boal, "this technique seeks to exploit the imprecisions, ambiguities, ambivalences and polysemies, which may be mingled with the perception of a scene or an event" (Boal 1995:96). A protagonist runs a scene with one antagonist. Five different spectators, using their own bodies, create an image of the perceptions, feelings, emotions aroused in them by the protagonist. It can be an image of an emotion that they believe the protagonist is having but not expressing, it can be their own emotion in reaction to the protagonist. Another five images are created in response to the protagonist. These frozen images are then asked to move, each image seeking its complement until 5 couples form. These couples then improvise the original scene, using their images as the starting point. (For full descripition of technique see Boal 1995: 96-99)

transform the minnows into hawks