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CLOWN: authority becomes clown

Avner stands on a stage with a broom. He can't seem to sweep away the pool of light that he is standing in. A boss-character enters and points up to the stage light that is casting the circular light on the floor. The clown sees no connection between the glaring bulb above and the stain on the floor. He keeps sweeping, enjoying the gentle sway of the bristles against the puddle of light. The boss, incapable of reasoning with the clown, becomes more and more frustrated. His attachment to cause and effect in the face of the clown's playful deviance turns him into a deviant as well - his face contorts with rage and disapproval, anger bloats his body as if about to explode, his attachment to logic hurting him far more than the clown who simply continues to wonder with delight about the strange phenomenon of a perfectly round pool of light hugging his feet no matter what he does to whisk it away.

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