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Theater of the Oppressed

glossary of Boalian terms
Community Arts Network
Excerpted from Playing Boal, edited by Mady Schutzman and Jan Cohen-Cruz (Routledge, 1994)

Center of the Theatre of the Oppressed in Rio de Janero, Brazil

Formaat - Theater of the Oppressed bibliography

Formaat - Theater of the Oppressed yellow pages

Augusto Boal

A Brief Introduction to Augusto Boal
Community Arts Network

Biography of Boal through 1999
Doug Paterson

Bio of Boal
the Barzilain Embassy in London

Theatre of the Oppressed links
Applied and Interactive Theatre Guide

Boal and TO links
Justin's Drama and Theatre Links

article with images of Boal
Ao! Espaces de la parole [Canadian site in French]

Paulo Freire

People You Should Know: Freire

Paulo Freire: A Homage

Instituto Paulo Freire
[site in Portugese]

Bertolt Brecht

International Brecht Society

Bertolt Brecht in Southern California

Bertolt Brecht's FBI file

Ganser Syndrome

What is Ganser Syndrome?
Cleveland Clinic

Ganser Syndrome
eMedicine article by Robert C Daly and Can M Savasman

Sigbert Josef Maria Ganser
Who Named It


The Cradle Will Rock
film stills and review at Haro Online

ventriloquist dummy replicas

Automatonophobia (fear of ventriloquist dummies)
at Fears and Phobias

Vent Haven Museum

Jesters, Baubles, and Comic Authority

Fooling around the World: The History of the Jester
Beatrice K. Otto at Fathom

definition of the court jester or fool
The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition at

Foolish Clothing: Depictions of Jesters and Fools in Medieval and Renaissance Art
annotated links by Karen Larsdatter

image of Jester's Bauble
from Chamber's Dictionary, 1901 edition

photo of Jester's Bauble puppet
at Folly's Fables puppet show

Charlie Chaplin's speach against fascism from The Great Dictator

Charlie Chaplin's FBI File

J. Edgar Hoover recruited Harpo Marx as a secret agent
Australian Herald Sun,5481,5726824,00.html


Fool and Joker cards
Andy's Playing Cards

Sources of the Symbolism in the Waite/Smith Fool Card
Tarot Passages

Pictoral Key to the Tarot - The Fool
by Arthur Edward Waite, 1910

History of the Fool card
Tarot Hermit

Tarot card games
Card Games Web Site


Avner Eisenberg's site

picture and bio of Avner the Eccentric

Clown Hall of Fame


Trickster Bibliography
at Trickster's Way, an online journal dedicated to trickster research

The Trickster Character in Role Playing Games
by Peter Michaels

group discussion of Court Jester/Trickster figure in online culture
at Meatball Wiki

Trickster architype
Crystal Links

The Borsht Belt

"What the heck is the Borcht Belt?"

Digital Carnivalia

superbad - puppet: [circa 1999]
as stolen and archived by

potatoland - riot

blebnet - lobe