Exercise 5: Be your own dummy.

Question: What would happen if the irrational, unrestrained, amoral kind of joker/trickster (as in outspoken ventriloquist's dummy) entered the scene?

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Be Your Own Dummy - 1

Be Your Own Dummy - 2

After playing the anti-model, the protagonist has the opportunity of moving through the scene as the irrational, obscene, mocking, anything-goes dummy expressing all s/he feels about each of the other characters—what they say and what they do. Someone else replaces the protagonist and plays his/her part in the scene. The trickster reacts to him or herself as well, having an opportunity to unleash physically, emotionally, and verbally the attitudes s/he harbors. The trickster is encouraged to speak nonsense, indulge deep feelings, express conflict, exaggerate, be foolish, transgress rules of propriety, be childish and flagrant. When we did it, the chaotic display of grotesque responses overtook the scene entirely and became a carnivalesque rendering of the scene through the eyes of the protagonist. What appeared topsy-turvy and mad to viewers was, for the protagonist, a roller-coaster ride through the repressed truth.

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