Exercise 4: The Joker with Eleven Heads.

What technique can we invent that would bring out the meaning and potency of the tarot joker with 11 heads?

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Eleven Heads - 1

Eleven Heads - 2
Dakini Joker
Eleven-Headed Joker
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The anti-model is presented. Several spect-actors join the protagonist and stand in a long-line between them. This technique is a kind of "telephone" : the protagonist makes a statement (intended for the antagonist) to the first person beside her, and that person passes it on to the next, who passes it on to the next until it reaches the antagonist who is at the other end of the line. With each passage, however, comes a slight variation—the statement is not repeated identically but changed on a basis of what the receiver hears/interprets the heart/importance of the message to be. The antagonist responds and the message gets passed back through the line with all its modifications until it reaches the protagonist. This continues back and forth several times.

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