Exercise 3: Gossip.

Question: Might there be some value in performing willful misreadings as a way to play with the idea that tricksters/jokers like to be where the action is—and if there isn't any, they create some?

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Gossip - 1

Gossip - 2

After an anti-model was presented we created a group of confidantes around each of the two players, protagonist and antagonist. Both protagonist and antagonist got to hang out with his/her buddies and reinforce the values, insights, perceptions of each. We also selected someone to be the gossip who went back and forth between the two groups and slipped in critical information that would stir up questions and concerns. The gossip was instructed to mess with the truth, serve as a not-so-reliable translator between the two groups. This character became a kind of person outside of space and time.

[If I were to try this exercise again, once the two groups were clearly established, I would have the protagonist play the gossip].

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